In Loving Memory

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Joe Fragnito

Pat Palermo

Travis Minor

Nick Buoniconti

           1953 - 2017                                           1929 - 2019                                                         1942 - 2019                                      1940 - 2019

      All four of these men were very instrumental in the world of spinal cord injury research. Joe, and my father Pat were two of the main reasons why the RICKY PALERMO SPINAL INJURY GOLF TOURNAMENT has been a success since its inception in 1996. In 23 years, our foundation has raised slightly over $1.5 million. And along the way (Travis became spinal injured) got involved with helping me purchase a new FES (functional electrical stimulation) bike to help others stay in shape at our Batavia YMCA.  And last but definitely not least, in 1985 NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti co-founder of the world's leading spinal cord research center THE MIAMI PROJECT TO CURE PARALYSIS that has raised  over $500 million towards finding a cure for paralysis. These men are gone but not forgotten!!!!

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